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Where can I buy your products?

We sell to all major grocery stores as well as leading club stores.  Since we sell directly to the distribution centers, we don't have any control over which specific stores get product.  If your local grocer has carried them in the past but no longer has the product you’re looking for, talk to the seafood manager and ask them to order some in.

Do you sell online or in bulk?

We only sell to grocers and food service distributors.

What is the expiration date of my seafood?

We recommend that you use your seafood within three months of purchase.  If you’ve thawed the seafood, you should use it within 2 days of thawing.

We typically do not put expiration dates on our packaging because the product doesn't actually expire as long as it remains frozen.  We have done extensive in-house and lab tests to determine the best freezer life, but it really depends on the conditions that the product has been kept in as to when it will no longer be at it's premium.  Our typical use by date is 12-18 months after packing. If you don’t remember when you bought it, please e-mail the barcode number and the stamped code in the white box to

Do you have coupons?

We currently do not offer a coupon program.  If you would like to be put on a list to receive coupons if one becomes available, please send your name, mailing address, and favorite Aqua Star product to

My salmon says “Harvested in ”, what does that mean?

The FDA requires that we state the last country where the fish underwent a significant change to be listed on the packaging.

Our salmon is fished in the Pacific Ocean using gill nets.  The mesh size, twine strength, net length and depth are closely monitored and controlled to improve efficiency and minimize by catch.  The fisheries where we source our salmon are currently working toward a Marine Stewardship Council certification to prove they fish in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.  We expect that they will be certified this year.  If you are interested in more information, please visit this website for the Marine Stewardship Council at

After the salmon are caught, they are shipped to our plant in China where they are graded for quality, de-boned, trimmed and packaged.  We have our own Quality Assurance personnel in the plant for every production to ensure that our strict quality and sanitation standards are met.

We understand your concerns regarding products coming from China, which only reflect the current bad press.  It is very unfortunate that a few bad facilities have spoiled the reputation of the many good ones.  Our plants are held to very high standards; we are audited by the food inspection branch of the Chinese government, corporate customers, 3rd party firms and our own internal Quality Assurance personnel many times every year.

Is there a ban on seafood from China?

No, the FDA is placing an import alert on farm-raised catfish, a related fish called “basa,” shrimp, dace and eel from China. This is not a ban, but puts these five products on detention without physical examination (DWPE) status, meaning they cannot enter the U.S. without first being shown as safe.
Wild caught seafood from China is not impacted by the alert.
Robert Brackett, Ph.D., director of FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition says, “Consumers should know that this is not an immediate public health hazard. The levels of contaminants that have been found are very low, and FDA is not advising consumers to destroy or return farm-raised seafood that they may have already purchased and have in their homes. The agency also is not seeking a recall of product already in the marketplace.”

Do you treat your salmon?

No.  Our salmon is fresh from the ocean, nothing added.  We catch, clean, debone, fillet, freeze and pack.  Simple as that.

Are your products Kosher?

We currently do not offer OU certified seafood.

The package says I should have 30 shrimp, but I only have 24.  Why?

We have specifications for all our products that our packaging staff are expected to meet.  Sometimes they use our weight parameters instead of our piece parameters and so you will find discrepancies.  By getting fewer pieces than you expected, you are actually getting a larger size shrimp which is a more expensive product.  We do understand that larger pieces don’t help if you’re trying to serve a specific amount of people, so if you find that your piece count is off, please send an e-mail with your name, the product description, and the stamped code to 

Can I buy your sauce separately?

We currently only sell our sauces with our products.

My seafood was bad, how can I get a replacement?

Aqua Star guarantees 100% satisfaction with our products.  Please forward the following information and we will begin processing a claim to issue you a refund check.
•    Your full name
•    Your mailing address
•    Package Net Wt
•    UPC code
•    Any printed code on the package
•    Purchase price
•    Quantity purchased
•    Purchase location (store name)
•    Copy of receipt for purchase or UPC barcode cut from package (REQUIRED FOR REFUND, photographs are ok)
The receipt or barcode may be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to:
Aqua Star
Attn: Consumer Affairs
Fax: (206) 956-1045

Do I get the same health benefits taking fish oil pills as I do eating fish?

Taking pills as opposed to eating fish can give people a false sense of security. Having fish in your diet is not just about Omega-3 fatty acids, it’s also a healthy, low-fat protein with iodine and other nutrients that you don’t get in a fish-oil pill.

Should pregnant women avoid seafood?

Yes and no. There has been some concern about mercury in certain types of fish. Studies on the link between seafood and birth defects have proven inconclusive; however, the FDA, EPA and CFIA have issued guidelines for specific types of fish. Recent studies have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids are important in fetal brain development. Talk to a healthcare professional to understand the risks and benefits of seafood consumption while pregnant.

Is it true that salmon is high in PCBs and I shouldn’t eat it?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says this about PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls): “Our advice to consumers is not to alter their consumption of farmed or wild salmon. We don’t believe that the risk here is something the public should be alarmed about.”

Are there easy ways to cook seafood?

Absolutely!  Buy seafood uncooked and frozen and it’s just a matter of following the cooking directions on the package or from favorite recipes. Look for easy ways to prepare seafood in the recipe section of our Web site.

Do I have to thaw seafood before cooking?

Unlike other proteins, seafood can be cooked while still frozen without impacting the quality, texture and flavor. Look for “Cook from Frozen” instructions on Aqua Star packaging.