Position Statement


To our Valued Customers:

AquaStar takes human rights as seriously as any other single aspect of its business and supply chain. For that reason, every pound of AquaStar product produced is scrutinized with a series of certifications, audits, and traceability that includes Social Responsibility and Food Safety verifications.

AquaStar can declaratively confirm that all product in our supply chain is carefully, consistently and comprehensively monitored, vetted and clean of abusive labor practices. While we support the efforts of all parties committed to ending abusive labor practices, the AquaStar products described and pictured in the recent AP article were never associated with any of the processing operations depicted in that same article – nor are any AquaStar products associated with socially irresponsible processing of goods.

AquaStar shrimp products are harvested live, and transported fresh directly from farm to our final processing operations without 3rd party pre-processing or “peeling” locations involved in our supply chain.

Human rights violations have no place in any industry and AquaStar is continuously taking steps to remove it from the seafood industry permanently through expanding the certified supply chain, encouraging the use of 100% socially responsible raw materials, enhancing traceability with all trade partners, and actively participating in government, civil society, and industry initiatives toward that end.

AquaStar is intensely committed to transparent, responsible and well documented business practices with our customers and their end users. Please be in contact with any concerns you may have at any point in time regarding this matter or any areas in which we can improve our business and yours as we continue to work together toward a better future with products we trust.


Dirk Leuenberger
President & CEO