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Passionately committed to delivering premium seafood every time, Aqua Star has innovated each step of our business to meet the diverse needs of our customers. From the moment the catch leaves the water to when it reaches our customers, we oversee every detail to guarantee the highest quality. We call this unique method the Star System™.

Global Sourcing. Our ability to source from around the world guarantees a dependable and consistent year-round supply and optimum product quality.

Research and Development. Dedicated product-development experts constantly adapt our product line to match ever-changing consumer needs, emerging market trends and unique customer requests.

Marketing. An experienced marketing team delivers clearly branded product information based on category analysis, market knowledge and customer insight.

Packaging. Designed by an in-house team, our packaging clearly communicates product attributes and benefits and presents a consistent and familiar brand. We continually strive for new ways to reduce packaging cost and waste.

Processing and Quality Assurance. Onsite Aqua Star employees implement our product and processing standards while monitoring facilities and products for quality and consistency.