Quality Assurance Specialist

We are looking to add a Quality Assurance Specialist to our QA team! This position will work out of our corporate headquarters in Seattle, WA. Reporting to the QA Director, the main responsibilities for this role will be to ensure Aqua Star food safety and quality systems are adhered to in the sourcing, production, storage, and delivery of product to our customers.


  • Help ensure quality standards and company compliance to food safety and sustainability programs
  • Responsible for updating branded/private label product specifications and compliance documentation
  • Using nutritional labeling software to generate Nutrition Facts Panels for USA and Canada
  • Assisting in team reviews of labeling for regulatory compliance
  • Assist with coordination and general communication with vendors, procurement, and management on quality and compliance issues
  • Assist QA department in complying with government regulations
  • Responsible for consumer feedback across multiple communication channels and the generation of trend analysis reports
  • Responsible for updating vendor documentation annually to ensure compliance with Aqua Star standards
  • Performing quality evaluation and chemical analysis on various products and sending out samples for third party testing

Experience & Skills:

  • 1+ years’ experience working in a perishable food environment, preferably with seafood
  • Experience with USDC or an inspection agency where there is some experience with seafood
  • Nutrition labeling and government food regulation experience a plus
  • Basic laboratory skills
  • Strong computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, MS Dynamics, FileMaker Pro, Genesis R&D, SQL)


  • BS in Food Science, Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry, or Industrial Management/Technology

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