As we navigate a truly unprecedented global event our goal is to help you continue to operate. We’re working to ensure our customers’ needs are met while we adapt to our changing reality.

Takeout and delivery options are in more demand than ever. Consumers are increasingly willing to use drive-thru windows and carryout service, and are exceedingly willing to get food delivered.

The #1 Seafood- Shrimp are Ideal for Takeout & Delivery!
They hold their tender texture, shape, and flavor on-the-go and retain their moisture when reheated.
Shrimp are in Excellent Supply!
At record import levels, this sustainable protein is priced affordably.
Profit Boosting Protein!
Regarded as premium & healthy, shrimp delivers profit dollars.
Shrimp are Versatile- Inspiring a World of Menu Applications!
Shrimp can be savored in endless preparations and varieties. Whether as an elegant appetizer, over a bed of greens, or in sautés, Aqua Star shrimp make it easy to enjoy healthy meals anywhere.


Try these To-Go Recipes:


Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Crema:

For Delivery or Takeout: Pack Shrimp Tacos in divided compostable box. Include the avocado crema in covered portion cup


Popcorn Shrimp Wraps:

For Delivery or Takeout: Package in foil-backed parchment square. When rolled and secured to-go, place inside a bag or compostable box for easy transport. Consider including an extra serving of sauce for dipping.


New England Shrimp Roll:

For Delivery or Takeout: Roll the Shrimp Po-Boy in a sheet of interesting parchment, such as newsprint, which can serve as a fun and convenient placemat when eating.