What we do

Aqua Star is a privately-owned seafood company headquartered in Seattle. Since 1990 we have harvested and sourced premium seafood from fishermen and farms we know and trust. Our employees are experts in sourcing, processing, product development, marketing and sales. We operate in 17 countries across the globe to source and process the finest products possible and ensure quality and transparency for all of our seafood.

North American jobs

We are North American workers supporting jobs in the United States and Canada. From the very first day we opened our doors, we’ve placed our full trust in the work ethic and ingenuity of our workers. Our cold storage and processing facilities are located across the United States and Canada, from sea to shining sea.

Our Culture

We were founded by veterans of the seafood industry. We understand your enjoyment of our seafood depends on the quality and freshness of everything that carries the Aqua Star name. We believe in going the extra mile to deliver seafood at its finest and we are dedicated to ensuring a sustainable harvest for years to come.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure premium quality, freshness, and sustainability for our seafood from the moment it leaves the water to the time it reaches your plate. At Aqua Star, Quality Runs Deep.