Unless you live in a fishing village or near the coast, fresh seafood is not always readily available. With today’s advancements in flash freezing, frozen seafood is becoming a more desirable choice when shopping for seafood! We’re here to help you better understand the benefits of frozen versus “fresh”.


1. NUTRIENTS AND FLAVOR ARE LOCKED IN AT THE PEAK OF FRESHNESS. No need to worry about losing crucial nutrition and taste when buying frozen. At Aqua Star, our seafood is flash frozen within minutes of harvest and vacuum sealed for optimal freshness. This freezing process locks in nutrients and flavor to ensure consistent, premium quality, seafood.


2. IS FRESH REALLY FRESH? “Fresh” doesn’t always mean “Fresh” – frozen seafood can equal and sometimes exceed the quality of unfrozen seafood. Don’t be fooled by the labels; most seafood is frozen upon harvest and then thawed before selling. The key difference between “fresh” and “frozen” seafood is the duration of time the product has been frozen. Seafood that is advertised as “fresh” was most likely frozen initially for shipping purposes, and later thawed for purchase. The expedited process of freezing and thawing with fresh seafood can reduce the amount of shelf life significantly, whereas frozen seafood goes through one total process of freezing and is only thawed when ready for consumption.


3. REDUCES EARTH’S CARBON FOOTPRINT. Buying frozen reduces the Earth’s carbon footprint. When fresh seafood is caught and transported for sale, to maintain the “fresh” identity, the product is flown via plane. The amount of pollution generated by these flights is a major contributor to the increasing air pollution levels and decreasing environmental health of the Earth. The efforts toward advertising as fresh oftentimes outshines the concerns of carbon emissions and our carbon footprint.


4. LESS WASTE. MORE CONVENIENT. Buying frozen seafood in bulk is less wasteful and more convenient than buying fresh. Take what you need from the freezer and leave the rest frozen until you’re ready. Buying Aqua Star’s top-grade frozen seafood products in bulk can help any busy home that doesn’t always have the time or resources to buy fresh every day. Buying frozen seafood means extended shelf lifetimes and no need to fret over the catch of the day going bad by the morning. Simply buy in bulk, use what you need, and store the rest for later.


At Aqua Star, our process from harvest to plate is entirely focused on providing our customers with the top-notch quality they deserve. Experience the benefits of frozen seafood today by purchasing Aqua Star premium seafood at your nearest grocery retailer.


Find out more about our commitment to sustainable, premium quality seafood.


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