As consumers adjust to a “new normal,” eating still plays a central role in our lives.  And the good news, consumers are still willing to support restaurants and leaving bigger tips to support the restaurant staff… On average tipping a delivery person 34%.  There’s an opportunity for restaurants to stay part of people’s new routine and we are here to help!

Let Aqua Star’s Breaded and Battered Fish line set you up for success!

Wild Alaskan Cod & Pollock
•  Chef Ready / Value Added – Simply Deep Fry or Oven Bake
•  Consistent Top Sellers – Coast to Coast
Profit Boosting
•  Priced to Increase Operator Profit Dollars
•  Premium Quality = Repeat Delivery & Takeout Business
•  Make it a Meal! Up-sell with Easy Sides & Bottled Beverage
Support Sustainable Alaskan Fisheries
•  Wild Caught in the USA
•  Support Alaskan Fisheries & Coastal Communities
Delivery & Takeout Made Easy
•  Labor Saving
•  Pre-Portioned
•  Limitless Applications

Golden Panko Crunchy Breaded Cod

All-Natural Wild Alaskan Cod Fillet, coated with only the freshest breadcrumbs. Back of the House quality, Hand-Cut and MSC Certified. Deep Fry to golden goodness!
Recipe Application: Parmesan Crunchy Cod secured with a lid and this entrée is ready To Go! Offer Sides: Garden Salad, Garlic Bread, Dessert & Italian Soda

Pub-Style Battered Cod

In just minutes, Deep Fry or Oven Bake these All Natural, MSC Certified, Hand-Cut fillets in their light & crunchy Pub-Style batter!
Recipe Application: Mediterranean Fish & Chips packaged in parchment-lined box with Tzatziki Sauce & Golden Fries.

Pub-Style Battered Pollock

Deep Fry or Oven Bake this tender Pub-Style fillet of Natural Alaskan Pollock. Delicious Value in the true cod family!
Recipe Application: Crunchy Fish Tacos wrapped individually in parchment & place in TO GO box or bag.  Include cool sour cream.