$5 per 10 lb case for any NEW frozen crab meat item.

Must not have purchased in the last six months. Promo applies to first order only.


crab meat layered pack

Vacuum sealed with separate layers of crab meat

Smaller 2.5 lb pack reduces waste and has a faster thaw time

Zero labor, zero waste and 100% useable product

SEVEN CRAB SPECIES to choose from:

King Crab: Rich sweet flavor, firm texture and distinctive deep red and white color. Our proprietary extraction process produces extra large chunks of salad meat and whole pieces of leg meat. The King of crab meat.

Dungeness Crab: A distinct sweet flavor, flaky texture and creamy color. Ideal for crab cakes, salads and Oscar style entrees.

Coastal Blend Crab: A unique combination of wild caught Dungeness and Atlantic Rock or Jonah Crab. The meat has a rich, sweet flavor with a creamy color and delicate texture. An excellent, all-purpose crab meat, ideal for crab cocktails, dips, salads, and traditional crab cakes.

Snow Crab: Renowned for its snow white color, mild sweet flavor and delicate texture.

Red Deep Sea Crab: Snowy white meat highlighted with red color with a sweet flavor and tender texture. Used primarily in sushi applications.

Atlantic Bay Crab: A mild sweet flavor, similar to Snow Crab, firm texture and light red and white color.

Chef’s Blend Crab: Sweet and tender – an all-purpose crab meat that can be used in a variety of recipe applications. This unique combo pack contains natural proportions of merus, leg and claw and body meat of real crab, and imitation crab sticks and salad meat.


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