Chuck’s Flavor Train and Aqua Star Seafood;
Mouth-Watering Culinary Experience!

TikTok is home to all things food. Whether it’s recipe tutorials, ASMR content or general goodness associated with food, the platform is unmatched in creativity and exploration within the culinary universe. One of our favorite creators on the app is known as Chuck’s Flavor Train. Chuck is somewhat of an expert in hilarious catchphrases, as well as delicious, down-home backyard cooking. After seeing some of his food creations and recipes, we were dying to see what he could do with some of our very own seafood items.

With the help of our Cold Water Lobster Tails, King Crab, and Patagonian Pink™ Shrimp, Chuck delivered mouth-watering deliciousness in the form of Lobster Rolls and a Seafood Tower that look tasty enough to grab through the screen.


The Most Delectable
Lobster Roll

Chuck’s Lobster Roll is a combination of our fresh and delectable Cold Water Lobster Tails, a lot of buttery goodness, fresh brioche rolls, and a splash of lemon. This refreshing and bold recipe is perfect for a hot summer evening spent with your loved ones and accompanied by the grill.

See Chucks Lobster Roll TikTok Post!

A Seafood Tower
Fit for A Cooking King

Chuck’s Seafood Tower is a stacked partnership of our freshly steamed King Crab, Lobster Tails, and Patagonian Pink™ Shrimp that come together for a seafood tower fit for a cooking king! Chuck does an excellent job showcasing how succulent, tender, and tasty seafood can be simply steamed.

See Chucks Seafood Tower TikTok post!


These recipes and more are why we want to share our love of seafood with creators that are just as passionate about using our premium quality, sustainable products as we are. Chuck’s cooking expertise and love of seafood were able to highlight just a couple of the many ways that our products can satisfy any appetite and spark some serious cooking creativity.

His take on #SmartSeafood did us proud, and we’d partner again with him any day.

Thanks, Chuck, you da man.

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